For the love of HF !!!

Hello everyone !! This is my Second post since last Eid ( I know I know !! I have been a lazy blogger) , but guess what ?! because I am having some new plans coming up ( I cant wait to share them with all of you *excited* ) I wanted to share with you … Continue reading

Happy Eid !!

Hello everyone !! wishing you a great Eid al fiter !! its an amazing occasion for all of us to celebrate amazing fashion with family and friends with loads of sweets and loads of sweet fashion too !! I wish you and your loved ones a blessed Eid Al fiter !! I would love you … Continue reading

Shine Bright like a MKS Diamond !!!

Hi guys !! hope you are having some great shopping for Eid !! well as I promised you earlier !! I will be helping you complete your amazing look for Eid by introducing some of the great local designers that have some gorgeous work !! so what I am presenting to you today !! For … Continue reading

Nadine writing Bil Arabi !!

HI guys !!! we are all now counting down for Eid Al fiter !! and what goes crazy now is the shopping !! SOOO I thought I will help you get some unique and gorgeous stuff for your eid look this time !!! how about you take a look at the gorgeous collection by Designer … Continue reading

S*ucy S*uce !!

Hi everyone !! hope you guys had an amazing week!! we are always  looking  for the latest  fashion trends , in this fast moving life with all the changes and the new items produced , we look for what is new & unique  !! fresh , funky , crazy and Fashionably exciting !! well today !! I … Continue reading

Making of Tola !

Hi everyone !! wish you guys are having a great Ramadan !! Ramadan is known as the holy month with its special cozy nights with family and friends ! its a special time that we all wait for every year  !! a great way to document these moment is to add a great essences to … Continue reading

Beautiful fashion !! Beautiful video !!

Good  morning Cool fashionista’s !! I want you all to start your morning with a dreamy journey in the Gardens of Dior !! what a better way to start your morning !! have a great day my loved ones !!! much luv too !! xx

Ramdan Kareem !!

  Hello everyone !!! wishing you a Happy Ramadan From the Fashindows !! may God bless and your loved ones with happiness , success & health !!   Some different eating habits appear in Ramadan , and lets always remember to make it more of a healthy spiritual experience rather than an eating contest !   LOL … Continue reading

Fashindows traveled all the way to ELLEgirl Japan !!

Hi everyone !!! wish  all of you  had an amazing weekend !! I was away for a while looking and working on some exciting projects !! One little surprise I brought to you today came all the way from Japan !!! YES !! FASHINDOWS has been featured all the way in one of  the world leading … Continue reading

I am an Architect !!!

Happy working day everyone !! I stumbled upon this funny video , might give you a hence about how part of my life as an architect looks like !! Enjoy it and know the funny truth behind being an architect LOL !! enjoy it with much luv from the fashindows!!xxx